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Another Wedding in Ann Arbor

So last weekend a whirlwind of events that started in India finally came to an overwhelmingly positive finale. For anyone who doubted that such a major event could be planned in such a short time without disaster, you would be surprised. But, not really, so long as you've got friends and family that you can depend upon - nothing is impossible. So for the most part it was a big success.

Of course, this post would be meaningless if I didn't add my typical commentary. The night started off a little bad for me as the DJ butchered my name after rehearsing it several times. The bride's (rather easy to say) name was also slaughtered. My Best Man's speech sorta stuttered a bit. My mind was so much focused on delivering the Konkani I prepared, that I kept getting brain freeze. No bother, I feel most people liked it. Apologies to the non-Konkani people who were there. The venue did seem a little crowded as there wasn't much space for the bridal party to wait and the food was really so-so, but I'm pretty sure everyone ate their full.

People did a good job with the musical requests. The DJ was a bit tough to hear at times. He was a nice guy but his music system went kaput more than once. Worst during the groom's men's earth shattering rendition of Journey - Don't Stop Believin' (great photo op). Luckily (unluckily?) the air guitar session of Bon Jovi - Livin' on a Prayer will be immortalized on Sony Handicam forever.

The bar started off on a good note. I saw someone order a Rum & Coke and the bartender asked "What type of rum?". Normally I don't see selection - choice is good! As the night wore on, somehow the pouring of drinks got a little weird. When some young folk were "doing shots", I'm pretty sure I saw some glasses that looked like they had doubles or even triples. Measure people, measure. The last few for the night took their toll. I didn't see, but I know there were some incidents and accidents. Later when the alcohol hit people, I think there might have been some hints and allegations. Luckily everybody went home safe to their soon to follow hangovers. As the Maid of Honor put it: it was the fault of the bartender. I'm sure most of America agrees ;-)

In retrospect, I'm completely shocked how much fun people had and how crazy they got considering the relative simple nature of the bride and groom - not that there's anything wrong with that. As it is once again proved, weddings are NOT for the people getting married. They're for EVERYBODY else!

In conclusion, some of you might realize that this was part 3 in the Miranda Wedding Trilogy (part 1, part 2). No one wants to see a part 4 come and ruin a good story.

... and then there was one

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