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A Wedding in Ann Arbor

Last weekend I was the best man for my youngest brother's wedding. Just like my other brother's wedding last January, I really didn't know how things would play out. I'm trying to think of something cheeky to write about the event, but it would appear that I spent all my wit during the best man toast and all my gusto on the dance floor. Of course I did nothing to upstage my brother, who by the way, happened to use my formula for his token of thanks. No bother, what is an older brother for, if you can't steal some of his ideas. But in all honesty, it was a pretty fun event (I forgive him for picking a live band). The finishing touches were interesting: the tuxedos, stretch limo, horse drawn carriage and cheesy videography, but I'm sure some unnamed people might have thought it was a bit over the top. Oh well, who am I to judge someone on how they spend half a year's income on a half a day's event.

I guess my only regret was I didn't drink enough. For the few people who may have witnessed me taking a shot of nasty liquor with a dead worm in it - no regrets, even if I had a taste of rotting wood in my mouth for a few hours. I'm no party pooper.

There were plenty of happy faces that night. And okay, I can admit it, maybe mine was among that crowd.

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