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This page provides some information on how people can support this site if they wish. The following are ideas and not expectations. I thank you for taking the time to consider supporting this website.

Tutorials, HOWTO's and Guides

Please understand that these guides are provided as a service to help people with Linux and other topics. Everything is developed on my personal time and all expenses are covered by me.

Additionally outside of this site, I spend time with email and forums helping people with various problems.

Linking To This Site

If you find any guide or Resource helpful, please recommend this page to others. If possible link to this page on your own blog or website. If you feel it can help others please pass on the link in a web forum, mailing list or newsgroup. Link appropriately and only when relevant.

I do have an Wishlist with some few CD's and DVD's.

Additionally If you use for shopping, like I do, please consider using my Amazon link. Your prices will not be affected.

Hosting / Websites

If you have ever considered getting your own website, I recommend Linode. I have used their services for several years without any problems. Others I've known have had similar experiences. If you do wish to get your own website, I would stronly recommend them and if you could use my Linode affiliate link, that would help me a lot and I would be very grateful.


I appreciate all the support and thanks that I get. Please know that I am not expecting any of these methods of support. They all help me in some way, but if all you can do is contact me to say "thanks", that is also welcome and appreciated.