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Published: 30 June 2008 (updated: 30 June 2008)

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MJM Computer Configurations

This is not a guide. This is just some information on how I configure all of my different computers. It primary serves as a record to see what I have installed and where.


This is my primary computer for testing, gaming, development and all other purposes. I was running multiple server applications, however sinc I purchased a separate server for that, I no longer do that. Some things to note (*) marks my primary operating systems. Also, for my Linux partitions I avoid using LVM (Logical Volume Management). While this might be convenient for a single operating system, I find it difficult when booting multiple operating systems and sharing data.

With the recent advancements in filesystem drivers, I can read/write EXT partitions in Windows and read/write NTFS partitions in Linux.

BuiltJuly 2006
CPUAMD Athlon 64 3800+ (2.4Ghz)
MotherboardASUS AV8
VideoNvidia GeForce FX 5200
Hard disk1. Seagate 320GB (pata)
2. Seagate 120GB (pata)


Disk 1: 320GB (sda)
sda1(primary)17GBNTFSWindows 2000 (*)
sda2(primary)17GBNTFSWindows XP Professional
sda3(primary)17GBNTFSWindows Vista Business
sda5(logical)30GBNTFSApplications (Windows shared)
sda6(logical)68GBNTFSData (Windows shared)
sda7(logical)14GBEXT3Fedora 8 (32bit)
sda8(logical)14GBEXT3Fedora 9 (32bit) (*)
sda9(logical)14GBEXT3Fedora Core 6 (64bit)
sda10(logical)14GBEXT3Fedora Core 6 (32bit)
sda11(logical)14GBEXT3CentOS 5.1 (32bit)
sda12(logical)14GBEXT3OpenSuSE 10.3 (32bit)
sda14(logical)16GBEXT3/data (Linux shared)
sda15(logical)2.2GBSWAPLinux swap shared

Disk 2: 120GB (sdb)
sdb1(primary)58GBEXT3/mnt/space (Linux shared)
sdb2(primary)11.5GBEXT3empty - future Linux?
sdb3(primary)11.5GBEXT3empty - future Linux?
sdb5(logical)11.5GBEXT3empty - future Linux?
sdb6(logical)11.5GBEXT3empty - future Linux?
sdb7(logical)11.5GBEXT3empty - future Linux?


This is my mobile computer for basic web tasks and development.

PurchasedOctober 2007
CPUIntel Core2 Duo T7500 (2.2Ghz)
ModelLenovo ThinkPad T61
VideoNvidia Quadro NVS 140M (14.1" - 1440x900)
WirelssIntel Pro Wireless 3945ABG
Hard disk100GB (sata)


Disk: 100GB (sda)
sda1(primary)6.6GBNTFS(?)Lenovo Recovery Partition
sda2(primary)18GBNTFSWindows Vista Business
sda5(logical)12GBNTFSWindows XP Professional (*)
sda6(logical)10GBNTFSApplications (Windows XP)
sda7(logical)24GBNTFSData (Windows shared)
sda8(logical)14GBEXT3Fedora 9 (64bit)
sda10(logical)2GBSWAPLinux swap


This is my low power server for web development, file serving, backup and remote proxy. It is meant to be stable, low maintenance and infrequent changes.

BuiltFebruary 2008
CPUIntel Celeron 220 (1.2GHz)
Hard disk250GB (sata)


Disk: 250GB (sda)
sda1(primary)8GBEXT3CentOS 5.2 (32bit)
sda2(primary)8GBEXT3Spare OS Testing Partitioning
sda3(primary)2GBSWAPLinux swap

Digital Video Recorder

This is an home theater PC embedded into my entertainment system. It outputs to the television, records cable and is controlled by a remote control. It plays recorded television and downloaded video. Additionally it serves as a digital picture viewer.

BuiltFebruary 2004
CPUAMD Athlon XP 1800+
MotherboardASUS A7V333
VideoMatrox MGA G200 AGP (framebuffer, no X-windows)
TV CaptureHauppauge PVR-250
Hard diskWestern Digital 120GB (pata)


Disk: 120GB (hda)
hda2(primary)6GBEXT3Redhat 8.0 (kernel 2.4.25 patched)
hda3(primary)512MBSWAPLinux swap

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