Mauriat Miranda     mjmwired


Who am I?
This one is easy. I'm a guy (currently available) who runs his own website for fun. I am an engineer and in my spare time I tinker with things, dabble on the web or play with software.

To answer some common questions...

What does MJM mean?
Mauriat John Miranda. My father has told me that "Mauriat" is after the composer Paul Mauriat. "John" is after my grandfather, the late John Francis Miranda. Finally, my family name "Miranda" is known in Latin origins to mean "Admirable". Now, do you know your own name that well?

What do I like?
I like quite quite a few things ...

  • Computers I remember the first PC that I received. It was an old IBM 8088 machine. It could only boot into ROM Basic. Some time later I was introduced to the world of DOS with a 5.25 floppy disk.

  • Music I specifically like rock and alternative music. I also have a taste for some 80's music and classic rock/metal. Some of my favorites are U2, Sarah McLachlan, Peter Gabriel, Dido, Oasis, INXS, REM, Phil Collins, Soul Asylum, Elton John, Gun'n'Roses, Queen, Coldplay, Snow Patrol. I'm into good voices and good lyrics. Check out my wishlist.

  • Movies I'm really particular and rather critical with my movie preferences. I like historical movies (fiction and non-fiction), thrillers, occasional (non-crude) comedies, CG animated films and science-fiction. For the most part I like anything that's thought provoking, and if its fun to watch, that's great too.

  • Television I don't watch too much TV. I catch a few sci-fi shows regularily and the rest is a news pundit-sound-byte or an episode of some syndicated show. CSI is pretty good and I still find ER re-runs entertaining. And reality TV is terrible. Terrible.

  • Food "mmmmmm Ham" ... Home cooking is the best. Although don't let that mislead you about my lifestyle. I'm a big fan of sea food. Subway is nice on occasion. I wish I was like Jared and could lose a few pounds eating that. And my regular disclaimer: no creamy stuff (yogurt) or peaches.

  • Hobbies Once upon a time I loved to draw. I still do. I'm not sure what has happened to my creativity. I guess it is shown in other forms now.

Do you want to know something else? Contact me! I probably won't tell you anything, but you can always try.