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SELinux - the good

There is brief intro presentation on SELinux for “everyday” users. The 12th slides is titled “SELinux - the good”. It has quoted someone by the name Larry Loeb:

Let me assure you that this action by the NSA was the crypto-equivalent of the Pope coming down off the balcony in Rome, working the crowd with a few loaves of bread and some fish, and then inviting everyone to come over to his place to watch the soccer game and have a few beers. There are some things that one just never expects to see, and the NSA handing out source code along with details of the security mechanism behind it was right up there on that list.

I just found that hilarious so I had to pass it on.

I had been disabling SELinux, since it was released in FC2, but as of Fedora 9 I leave it on. For the most part now, it operates pretty transparently.

(Presentation link via James Morris)

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