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Fedora Core 6 Test 3 Released

The third and final beta for the upcoming Fedora Core 6 has been made available. Although typically reserved for more experienced testers, the test releases lately have been become more widely used. Improving the quality of the distribution.

The notable features in FC6-Test3 are:

  • Support for installation from multiple repositories at install-time, including access to Fedora Extras for network installs
  • GNOME 2.16.0 Final Release
  • KDE 3.5.3
  • An improved look and feel for various non-English languages thanks to a new default font
  • New desktop eye candy provided by the Compiz window manager using AIGLX
  • Notification of available software updates via notification bubbles
  • Improved startup performance of applications due to support for the DT_GNU_HASH linker option
  • Improved speed of various package management utilities
  • Further improvements in the Xen virtualization technology as well as the inclusion of a graphical application for creating and managing domains (virt-manager)
  • Increased usability of SELinux thanks to the integration of setroubleshoot which lets the user know when security denials occur
  • Integrated smart card capabilities
  • Improved X autoconfiguration to work better with LCDs and laptops
  • An improved version of system-config-printer to provide for easier and more powerful printer configuration
  • New artwork to provide a fresh new feel.

Looking over the test release new features, there are not many significant changes. Due to the massive problems encountered with FC6-Test2 I found the system incredibly unusable. Many of the problems involved powermanagement, the X-server and general instability. However the the improvements to the X autoconfiguration should hopefully resolve this. Additionally the Compiz window manager using AIGLX are currently not supported for Nvidia users. The driver changes to support this should be coming out soon (hopefully before FC6 Final).

Given the recent problems I’ve been encountering with FC5 and the test release, I’m really hoping the FC6 final will ship problem free. I won’t hold my breath.

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