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MPlayer 1.0pre8 Released

After almost 14 months, the MPlayer developers put out a new release: 1.0pre8 (I doubt 1.0 will ever happen). The official announcement was made on the mailing list on Monday. The mailing list had implied a release was pending.

In the meantime, Fedora Core 4 came and went and Fedora fans are on FC5. The good news is that MPlayer properly supports GCC4.x (which FC4 and FC5 use). Anyone who has used a development build already knows these improvements. Additionally the long overdue GTK2 update for the GUI was available. However the most significant changes will be in the background with many improvements in file format support as well as DVD and MPEG updates.

As always, I updated my MPlayer compile guide for Fedora. It never ceases to amaze me how many people actually read it and use it. For the more practical users, most repositories should be coming online soon with updates for yum. Simply run:

# su -c 'yum update mplayer'

I’ve checked Livna, FreshRPMs and ATrpms, none seem to have the update yet. So yum users will have to wait.

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