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Fedora Core 5 Released

Fedora Core 5 “Bordeaux” is officially released! Please download using the official mirror list or through Bittorrent. The release notes give a comprehensive list of changes. There is also a Fedora Core 5 Tour with some media. Additionally there are some screenshots courtesy of OSdir.

As a warning to early adopters: Some issues in the kernel may require immediate updating (use yum) and the Gnome 2.14 has a great deal of odd behaviour. There are some installation notes to help (based on Test3, updates soon available). Please see my Personal Fedora Core 5 Installation Guide. Stanton Finley also hase some installation notes available, although a bit more than needed for a desktop, they are still a good resource. I imagine the fedora-list mailing list as well as the forum websites will soon start providing support.

An incremental review compared with FC5-Test3 will be available in a few days. Current focus will be to install and get things working first!

Fedora is a good distribution with many problems, but they won’t be fixed without more users! Please download, use and enjoy!

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  • firstray on March 21, 2006 - 07:07 AM

    waiting for your good artical for FC5

  • Mauriat on April 11, 2006 - 07:07 AM

    Anoop: You are not totally incorrect. The push to move everything to ‘YUM’ does cause many problems. If you wish to install from CD you have 2 choices, either manually install RPM’s or copy all CD contents to disk and create a ‘local yum repository’. Both of which are annoying. – Please do raise this issue in the Forums or Mailing Lists. You’ll receive some resentment, but it is a VERY valid point.

    I am doing my best to maintain notes and guides for methods for people who cannot use YUM, and have to download files elsewhere then move them to their machine to install. I did this for years as well.

  • Anoop on April 11, 2006 - 03:03 AM

    I hav installed this fedora core-5 seeing all the Hip-hip hurray thing, The five cds are a pain in the *** to download , and install went smooth, Now i want to install more software and nothing is there to install , The add/remove program keeps searching the internet, Is there any software installer which i can use to install software from the cds or shall I have to reinstall everytime I want more software , I dont have a broadband connection so installing from internet is not an option, (OR IS FEDORA SIMPLY FOR BROADBAND USERS )?