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MPlayer Fedora Guide Updated

I updated my guide to compiling MPlayer on Fedora. Of course, this guide is no longer necessary to most people, since RPM’s are available, however seeing as the software is a bit complex I compile it to suit my own needs. I’ve received many emails from NON Fedora users who have found the guide useful. So I will maintain it.

Some things have changed in the past 7 months. LIVE.COM, which provided streaming library support for MPlayer, was renamed to LIVE555. No doubt having to do with Microsoft purchasing Additionally XviD finally release v. 1.1 after almost a year since their last release, and they support GCC4 now. Other than that, there were some minor URL’s which required changes.

There has been a great deal of development in MPlayer behind the scenes, and I wait patiently for the next major release. The CVS builds are pretty slick for the more daring.

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