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Evaluating New Linux Distributions

For Linux and Open Source in general, choice has always been abundant. However in both the Linux Server market and to a degree in the Linux “Desktop” market only a few major distributions have taken most attention. In my (future) spare time, I plan on evaluating new Linux distributions to see how well they compare for either a Linux Server (preliminary examination) and more critically: the Linux Desktop.

I want to develop a common test/evaluation plan for different distributions so I make fair assessments on their comparable value. Additionally, I do not have the luxury to test any system thoroughly over an extended period of time. The following are some ideas I have thought out.

  • Installation

    • Partitioning, Dual Boot, Networking
  • Software Selection

    • Environments, Office, Multimedia, Development, Server
  • Software Support

    • Security and General Updates, Software Repositories, Package Management
  • Basic Hardware Support

    • Motherboard, Networking, Video, Sound, Power Management (ACPI), DVD/DVD-R
  • Peripheral Hardware Support

    • Digital Camera, Printers, Scanners, Media Card Readers, PDA’s, USB Devices
  • Community Support

    • Mailing Lists, Websites, Forums, Newsgroups
  • General Usuability and Stability

  • Default Behavior and Configuration

I think I have covered the most important issues. Hopefully I will be able to perform all the above for every distribution. I appreciate suggestions and comments to these points.

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