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Canon S500 in Fedora Core

I had written a really simple camera mini-guide for how I use my Canon S500 digital camera in Fedora Core 3. The other night I decided to update and make sure everything still works in Fedora Core 4 - and it did.

Guides like these, to me, are almost not necessary. I would tell someone, just make sure you have Gnome and gPhoto and your USB setup and your camera will “automagically” work. But that advice, to me, does not seem very tangible. In the Windows world, people are reassured by the fact that their hardware or peripheral comes with an installation CD. That seldom happens in the Linux world. People who are unsure whether or not hardware works correctly with Linux need some sort of valid proof that there is Linux support - this always seems to come from the community as opposed to the manufacturer. Personally, I research Linux compatibility for all of my hardware prior to purchasing. Guides like the one listed above, I hope, make someone feel more certain about their purchase.

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