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Quite possibly the most useful Linux and Fedora forums on the internet are and FedoraForum. I prefer the first one since it has been around much longer and has a great deal more content for Linux in general (not just Fedora). However the second one has been dubbed the “official support forum” for Fedora, so I guess it will have quite a good number of helpful people as well. Of course, my main gripe with forums in general is having to continuously checking for updates on threads, making sure you ask the “right questions” and dealing with arrogant admins. Oh well.

Anyways, as my first foray in the world of aggregation and RSS, I’ve setup a simple Fedora Help Page from the help forums which indexes new posts from the above sites. I set it up mostly as an experiment, but I found myself using it. I might add others, but for now I hope someone finds it useful.

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  • Jeff Schiller on October 13, 2005 - 03:15 PM

    Nice aggregate/scraper page. You might want to also make the layout either centered or variable width (to allow for those long thread subjects), since I find so much of the browser window is wasted on the right-hand side.