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Fujitsu Stylistic ST4000 Key Driver

A fellow developer created a driver for the keys on the Fujitsu Stylistic webpad. The driver is available under the GPL at sourceforge: Stylistic ST4000 Key Driver. I do hope that people find this useful. And for any of the other developers who make come across this, all contributions are appreciated.

Fujitsu Stylistic Tablet PC using SUSE 10.1

The market for Tablet PC’s and Webpads is not very large compared to the Desktop or Laptop markets. Their linux market is in fact much smaller. Some manufacturers however do produce linux compatible devices. Fujitsu provides a rather nice series of webpads. The older version Stylistic ST4110 Tablet PC originally had Windows XP Tablet Edition which was replaced with Linux. Users of Fedora know that a great deal of extra customization is required to properly setup the operating system.