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Google Chrome on Fedora

Try out Chromium. Courtesy of T ‘spot’ Callaway: Using your favorite text editor (as root), create chromium.repo in /etc/yum.repos.d/, with the following contents: [chromium] name=Chromium Test Packages baseurl=$releasever/ enabled=1 gpgcheck=0 Then run (as root): # yum install chromium From spot’s blog: The packages are i386/i586 only (and the i586 chromium is a bit of a lie, it isn’t compiled with the correct optflags yet) because chromium depends on v8, which doesn’t work on 64bit anything (yet).

Fedora 11 Released

“This is Fedora!". Leonidas is in command! After a minor 2 week delay, the diligent Fedora project just announced the release of Fedora 11. The Fedora 11 Feature List seems rather spectacular with many big (and small) inclusions. There really are too many updates to list, some of the the highlights: Desktop GNOME 2.26 - Disk burning, Simpler file sharing, Better volume control, Media player enhancements KDE 4.2.2 - more updates to KDE4 XFCE 4.

Fedora 11 Features

The availability of the Fedora 11 Beta release was announced earlier today. The beta will be the first real glimpse at the incredibly large number of major changes which will be shipped in Fedora 11. The Fedora Wiki hosts the official status page for F11 features. Some of the inclusions are quite interesting: 20 Second Startup - The idea is to make it to the login screen in 20 seconds and speedup logging in [to GNOME].