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Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

This woman in Atlanta apparently aready was a millionaire. Three times over! Too bad the local friendly Wal-Mart brought her back to reality.

On Friday, Pike tried to use a couple of Wal-Mart cards to pay for $1,671.55 worth of items. But she only had a total of $2.32 on the cards, police said, so she handed the cashier a $1 million bill.

Pike then asked for change for her $1 million bill, police said. That would be $998,328.45. When police arrived, Pike pulled two more $1 million bills from her purse.

Pike told police she got the money from her husband, said Turner, who wasn’t sure if the man had been questioned.

Forging a million? Pretty crafty, or stupid rather.

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  • Mike on April 4, 2004 ~ 07:07 AM

    forge a cashier’s check or gov’t bonds, or som’m of dat nature. asinine criminals will never go extinct.