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What's Wrong?

Sometimes one of my brothers will ask me: "What's wrong?", and sometimes they'll get the response "Nothing more than usual". I guess this clearly classifies me as a pessimist. Is something always wrong? Well in a sense yes. I mean 50 Cent didn't win a grammy, we still haven't found those WMD's and, worse of all, I can't shake that my-life-is-stagnant feeling that always seems to sneak up on me. ... Funny thing: some people love to broadcast to the world when they are troubled. Like the classic "wounded soldier" - look at him, for he deserves consolation. ... And then there are those people who just expect people to understand what's wrong. They don't ask for a break or for help. They may need it or maybe they just need someone else to think that they need it. Maybe they give their friends and family too little credit or maybe too much. And ...

And that's when I think my blog ramblings have become too trite. Yeah maybe something is wrong with this post, but it's nothing more than usual.

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  • Mike on February 15, 2004 ~ 03:03 AM

    just a different day. ? is: watchoo gonna do ‘bout it? da prob has been identified. so wz da solution? hint: it starts w/ “action.”