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What's Wrong With This Video?

I'm fascinated by this website hosting Sarah Mclachlan's video for the song: World on Fire off of her latest CD Afterglow. Watch it, then read on.

Reminds me of the Scorpion's Wind of Change and regardless of the music it really makes you think. But then of course, with our short attention span I'm sure people will feel that momentary emotion and then quickly forget as we resume our lives. Waiting for the next thing that moves us into thinking ... but not acting.

I was tempted to insert some lyrics but then I wondered what that would accomplish. I mean writing some random blog entry is just about as passive as the rest of society.

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  • Mauriat Miranda on September 26, 2004 ~ 06:18 PM

    Oh, I almost forgot. The thing that really caught my attention was watching the kids on India’s railways. It’s something to experience, but I can’t imagine living like that.