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U2 3D Rocked!

I finally got around to seeing the U2 3D and did it ever rock! It was released to IMAX theatres in February but I've been so busy to see it. Luckily I did before it stops playing at the end of this month. I know this old news to people who've seen it, but I really enjoyed it. I would even go so far to say that with some minor tweaking, I might prefer to see concerts like this, instead of waiting and standing for hours like I did for Vertigo in 2005. The last time I saw an IMAX show I was in Chicago and it was something about the Gulf War in 1993.

The "3-D" is really what makes it worthwhile. This was my first 3-D movie. At first it felt weird but you soon get used to it and some close up shots of Bono made it feel like you physically there. It was interesting how they made some parts stick out. Some scenes had fans jumping up out of the audience and instinctively I wanted to tell them to "sit back down" - almost as if someone was standing in the theater in front of me. Some shots of the sea of fans really were amazing. Other than that there were only a few times they pushed the limits of the 3-D effect. Once when Bono was drawing pictures in the air, they showed up for us. And once during the usual U2-is-gonna-save-the-world appeal there were words flying into the audience. Overall great for a first time, but really they could have done sooo much more!

The annoying part of the 3-D was the glasses were so bulky and uncomfortable for people who wear eye glasses like myself. The only other annoyance I had was that for some scenes my eyes would go "out of sync" and I could start to lose the 3-D effect and see the 2 composite images on the screen. Luckily it only happened at the end. I wonder if it was just me?

In any event it seems like IMAX theatres are popping up all over the place and I'm looking forward to more shows like that (non-nature based, like 99% of the normal 3-D material). I think some screens may be playing U2 for maybe another week if you haven't already seen it. For $12 definitely worth the price compared to normal theaters!

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  • Peter on May 1, 2008 ~ 11:11 AM

    here's a great on-camera interview with Peter Shapiro, the producer of U2 3D: