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U2 360 US Tour Dates

U2 announced their tour schedule about 3 weeks ago. The tour started in Europe but only had 4 confirmed dates for the US in September. There were also some unconfirmed locations later, but there was no Michigan location in any of the cities listed. I was a little upset at first (I still am), but then I looked at the proposed stage layout. The concept is basically that there is a full 360 degree view of the band on stage, which basically means there will be many more great floor spots to get a closer experience (in 2005, I was on the floor close to the stage). I guess I could beleive that not every venue could accommodate such a setup, but it does not make it any less disappointing.

Yesterday, the band announced 5 additional cities, as well as 2nd shows for Chicago, Boston and New York (in 2005, a 2nd show was added for Detroit as well). Most of these tickets go on sale this coming Monday (April 6th) morning. I don't think I should hold out for a Detroit date, and if I really want to see them again I need to pick a city. I have friends and/or family in almost every major spot, time to call up some people.

In other news, I did get my copy of the CD. I hate to admit that I keep clicking "Next" on majority of the tracks. I wanted to encourage fans to download a copy (Amazon had it for $4) but I forgot. Anyways, regardless of their somewhat flat album, the one thing I know first-hand is that U2 is highly entertaining on stage and sound absolutely great live. I guess that's worth the price of admission.

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