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Twenty Years

My incredibly forgettable first post was published 20 years ago today. The rather unoriginal title “I’m Done” betrayed myself because I was actually just starting. I had only just set up my website a few months prior and I was filled with so much excitement that I was able to publish content online. Even more so, I was so proud of all the work I put into the backend site software that allowed me complete creativity and control. So much has happened in these past 2 decades and unfortunately very little can be gathered from reading anything on this site. I could go into detail about all my technical or geeky endeavors but I’ll commemorate that some other time.

In the past 7,305 days I’ve lived a rather wonderful life. I’ve had a family who has loved me. I have been gainfully employed, led brilliant teams and built useful things. I’ve traveled the world and seen so many breathtaking sites. I’ve had crazy fun times with friends. I’ve tasted spectacular whiskey’s and unique cuisines. I’ve gambled and won more times than I’ve lost. And I’ve experienced true love and heartbreak.

My life and career never took off like I imagined it would 20 years ago, and I’ve definitely had my share of setbacks and painful losses. At times I’ve questioned my life choices, but looking at myself right now I’m okay with how things turned out. I have so many things for which I’m grateful. I have more genuine friends today and in many ways I’m closer with my family than I was for significant parts of my life. I’m financially secure for the foreseeable future. And best of all I’m very happy I have someone to share my joy and success with.

So I feel like this post should be titled “I’m Starting” because I genuinely feel like I’m starting my life anew and I’m excited for the next 20 or 40 years.

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