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Too Much Packing

After spending some time in my garage today, I have a new "wish". Pushing aside wealth, fame, looks, and knowlege is a desire to have packing materials reduced. Items for purchase should not come in large boxes with excessive packing. I could live without all the foam and crumpled paper. If you break something when taking it home, well then, you should be more careful!

Does this post have a personal slant? Oh yeah, you bet!

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  • merrick miranda on June 27, 2003 ~ 12:00 AM

    u dead on the money bro!!!

  • Mauriat Miranda on June 27, 2003 ~ 04:16 PM

    Isn’t is sad how you are the only one who replies to my posts?

  • joezers on June 28, 2003 ~ 04:16 PM

    well then i will reply for you to make you feel better… anyways, excess packing material is only a problem when you’ve got small things in huge boxes… and fixing that would require the annihilation of stupidity in the world (which i am all for… but then i’d be out of a job).