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To Forgive and Forget

To err is human, to forgive is devine ... or so the saying goes. I find myself in countless day to day issues in which I do something wrong, or someone wrongs me. Many of them are petty and are easily resolved and forgotten without any need for formal forgiveness. However, of the many incidents that really test me, I'm not sure the concept of forgiveness ever surfaces. Arguments arise and then there is the temporary "distance", and then we wake up one day and act as if nothing ever happened. Do we forget? Not at all. Are those issues resolved? Definitely not. Even the times I swallow my pride and forgive someone for something, I still find that it never truly leaves my memory. I'm not sure that I will forget it. In reality, I don't hold grudges, for I know that the resentment will slowly eat away at me. Perhaps I choose not to forget for some deeper unknown reason. Or maybe I never truly forgave, and the memory is there to tell me that. Which is it? I don't know.

Sadly, in the end, we try to forget that we never truly forgave eachother.

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  • Mike on January 27, 2004 ~ 04:04 AM

    we neva forget da things dat have hurt us. never. maybe iz human nature. i dunno…