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Those Who Lead

A high level director at a major corporation is promoted. The executive position which he assumes is for a large department and a great deal more responsibility than he previously managed. His predecessor gives the newcomer some advice. He says that things will not always be easy, so when times get difficult open one of these letters he has written. With that he hands him 3 letters and departs.

Before long, the executive finds himself in a difficult spot. Things have not been progressing as well as he hoped. Reluctantly he opens the first of the three letters. It reads quite simply: "It is time for a reorganization." He diligently proceeds with the necessary steps to restructure and reorganize his department.

After what initially seems like a successful reorganization, the executive eventually finds himself in another difficult predicament. His department is not meeting expectations. Once again he turns to his letters and opens the second one. It reads again: "It is time for a reorganization." Without hesitation, he proceeds once again in restructuring his department.

Not too much time later, the changes implemented and personnel reassignments have not made the impact the executive was expecting. He turns to the third and final letter. It reads: "Is it time for you to write 3 letters to your successor."

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