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The Verve, Oasis and U2 in 2008

Oddly enough I find's new music suggestions pretty useful. While I do generally pay attention to media news and most of my favorite bands, there is always some news that I haven't heard that Amazon never fails to miss! Data mining at its best, I guess.

I'm really happy to hear that both Oasis (Dig Out Your Soul) and The Verve (Forth) have new albums for this fall. I didn't think that The Verve would get back together and produce a new album (its been 11 years! since the Rolling Stones stole their "Bittersweet Symphony"). They sounded great at Live8 in 2005 and I heard they started touring again last year. Here's hoping for an awesome album. Release date next week.

Oasis, well, not much anticipation there. I still listen to (What's the Story) Morning Glory? (1997) in its entirity, and honestly I still sounds great - every song. To be fair, they've had quite a few good hits after that, but nothing as good. Their new one should be available in October.

And then there's my favorite: U2 that band that everyone loves to love. I have heard mixed stories about when they will release their next album, supposedly titled: "No Line On The Horizon". Judging by their recent (almost) 4 yr release cycle (ATYCLB in 2000, HTDAAB 2004), I would hope its this year. (There is a funny story about Bono playing his music too loud and some curious fan who recorded it and leaked it on the web!) ... Anyways Amazon gladly tells me that their much older albums (Boy, October, War, Under A Blood Red Sky) have all been digitally remastered. I really HATE it when bands do this. They add so-so music that was never meant to be released on a second CD in addition to only moderately improved original tracks. They might throw in a special booklet or pictures, or even a cheap DVD. And the kicker: they cost between 3-5 times as much as the original CD release (plenty of suckers out there). The thing here is that these are 20-30 yr old songs, and most only have a few good songs and fans already own the original. I don't own all 4 of those original albums, but after considering it, I don't mind. Of course this not to say that I'm not a sucker myself. I paid $50 from Amazon for the Super Deluxe Remastered "The Joshua Tree" release last year (yeah, "super deluxe"!!!). In my defense it is arguably one of the best albums ever recorded - and I had a gift certificate - and I have a tummy ache (inside joke).

So if you're into some mainstream rock like I am, I hope you find something of interest. This is just a friendly reminder that while I love free MP3 downloads just like everyone else, there are plenty of albums that I am really happy I own.

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  • Jeff Schiller on August 21, 2008 ~ 02:14 PM

    Odd. Too much agreement here. I too:

    - love The Verve's album
    - love What's The Story Moning Glory
    - think that Joshua Tree is one of the best albums. evar (basically because I grew up listening to it almost every day)

    But I never bought no 'super deluxe' edition ;)

  • Merricko! on August 25, 2008 ~ 01:01 AM

    I have a tummy ache too!!!