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The New Year 2006 and Forward

It is about a month into the new year (1/12 over, about 92% left). Anyways, I have just started on one of my main new years resolutions ... from 2003. I've finally started working out on a regular basis. Granted, I didn't do it all on my own - I have buddy who's a big motivator. The physical exercise doesn't seem as important as the fact that I actually did something. I have an apparent tendancy to simple plan out everything but never act. One of the managers at work dubs this as "paralysis by analysis". And he's right, more than he even realizes when it comes to me.

So while I'm not out to impress the ladies with a sculpted bod, I am intent on making myself do the things that I want but hesitate over risk or some sort of uncertainty or doubt. I need to do something for me. And while I don't plan on leaving my calculations and risk assessment behind, I am starting to do more and bring myself out of this complacent notion that merely being comfortable is satisfactory.

If that isn't a good ANY-TIME-OF year resolution, I don't know what is.

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  • Mike on January 30, 2006 ~ 03:03 AM

    u may wish ta look into doing cardio (if u havent done so), & just not weight lifting. da former has a much bigger effect on ur sexual performance dan da latter. which’ll help ur case when u get a GF…