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The Mother Tongue

My parents placed my siblings and me into a private elementary school in the hopes of getting an optimal education. Often at times "private school students" is synonymous with "rich kids". So when a facility or resource is not available due to the smaller student body, usually the parents will have to pay extra (umm, extra extra) to provide this for their child.

Case in point. I was in 7th grade and the "Junior High" (translation: 7th and 8th graders) considered the possibility of have a foreign language program. With less that 30 students per grade such program did not exist. I became instantly infatuated with the idea. My only (immature) thinking was how cool it would be. I didn't care for the language. I don't even remember which one I liked, but I knew it was a cool idea.

I took home the flyer, seeing as it costed extra money, my mother was completely against it. Her excuse: "I don't see it beneficial for you to learn a french or spanish or whatever when you can barely speak your mother tongue." I know in reality the only reason was money. However I was angry all the same. ... And the saddest part? I'm angry at myself now. I'm upset that I did not take that cue 13 years ago. Not that I didn't learn a foreign language, rather that my mother was(is) right. I disregarded my native language.

Ah, well, another victim of cultural decadence in America.

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  • Mike on February 11, 2005 ~ 02:02 AM

    u wrote: “My parents placed my siblings and I…"
    it should be: “My parents placed my siblings and me…"
    u wouldnt say, “My parents placed I…,” would ya? so adding entities doesnt affect da reference to urself.

  • Jeff Schiller on February 11, 2005 ~ 09:09 AM

    He's right

  • Mauriat Miranda on February 11, 2005 ~ 04:16 PM

    Good catch, fixed now. Brings up a point. I originally started with “I was placed in” then it evolved into whatever I had there. I have a tendancy to go back and change too much when writing an entry and overlooking things like this. Note to self: proofread :-P … and no one noticed I misspelled “learn”.

  • Jeff Schiller on February 12, 2005 ~ 12:12 PM

    Actually I was trying to be funny and link to a website that proved your bro was right about the grammar…I didn’t know that rule until I googled for it and found out he was right. Unfortunately (but perhaps, wisely) you have turned off the ability to put links in the comments…oh well ;)