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The More Things Change ...

One of my good friends finally got married this weekend. While I was quite happy for the bride and groom, personally I enjoyed the event in my own way. The wedding ceremony was an interesting experience for me. It was all in Chinese except for the readings and a few words in the reverend's message. The bigger thing for me was seeing people again that I hadn't seen in many years (some almost 11 years). Sitting at a large table laughing and catching up reminded me of my high school days (without the food fights). Looking around, everyone seemed pretty certain of their path in life. Some people had a lot to show for the past decade, while others maybe not as much. Sure enough, when I really think about it, I'm not at all surprised how each person's life has changed - myself included. I don't mean that in any negative way, just that I don't feel like anyone really explored uncharted territory. Who knows maybe the next decade will show us something else?

I intentionally missed my 10 year high school reunion last November. In some ways this made up for it. I really did have a great time.

So who's next in line?

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