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The Little Things Add Up

A year ago today, I quit my job of over 6 years. In the 12 months following, so many things both positive and negative occurred that I can't honestly decide if it was a good year or a bad one. The only certainty is that it will forever influence my life.

When I think about any of the situations I faced last year, I realize that either I was ready or not. Everything I had done up to a certain point prepared me for it. This maybe obvious in a job scenario, but it applies equally well to health issues or personal matters. It really isn't an excuse for someone to say that they didn't have time to prepare. Every day we automatically prepare ourselves for tomorrow.

I don't have any advice or motivational message here. Just that when I pause and look back I know I'm glad I did do some things correctly and took care of myself. And when the situation was bleak, only then do I begin to see the negative things left to fester.

The little things, good or bad, they all add up.

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  • Kerstin on May 3, 2012 ~ 01:01 AM


    sometimes live is sad, sometimes its bad but never foget the good times you had. :-D

    I'm only here to say "i love your page" its really nice and especially Fedora Install Guides a really, really Great!

  • John Penniston on October 19, 2012 ~ 11:23 PM

    They do, I try to add more positive than negative. Hopefully over time my efforts compound themselves.

    Thanks for all the Fedora install tutorials, it helps a lot of people. :)