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The Detroit in "Detroit Basketball"

Against my better judgement I stayed up last night to watch the Pistons vs. Spurs championship game. And to Detroit's misfortune, the Pistons lost. Yesterday I was talking with my boss, and I was asked who I thought would win. In my complete lack of basketball background, I said that the Spurs would win. Disappointed with my response I had to offer an explanation. I reasoned that for whatever reason, the little I saw the Spurs play in the NBA playoffs they seemed to have a spirit and team work that I felt was amiss in Detroit.

And the sad part of it all was that the only reason I cared for a Pistons victory was to give a boon to Detroit. That city can use pretty much use any positive attention it can get. Mayor Kilpatrick would probably in the end have thrown the team a parade had they won, but with all the city layoffs in police force and city workers, it seems better that there will be no parade afterall.

So don't dismiss me as a Pistons hater but there is little love left for the torn city of Detroit. I know that my analogy between the game and the place where it's played is oversimplified for this one naive blog post. However I long for the day when the city can shine like the sports team that represents it.

(They could have still won though.)

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  • Tai on June 28, 2005 ~ 04:16 PM

    It’s actually in Auburn Hills–one of the weathier cities in MI. And that’s where many of the Pistons players live. But they have a shuttle bus for those who live in the ghettos of detroit to take them to Auburn Hills for the game. The city of Detroit is closer with the sports teams who are closer to the city: Lions, Tigers, and Red Wings.