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The Change We Need

Some of my more frequent visitors may have noticed the obvious banner on the top right of my site. I debated for a while as to whether or not I should have done so, but I decided that it might make a tiny difference. I want to say that I don't "believe in Obama". This is not a personal criticism, rather I see him just as much a politician as anyone else in the U.S. government. However I do believe that a better choice to attempt to correct Republican mistakes for the past 8 years would be a Democrat for president. As much as I greatly disagree with many Democratic views, I cannot in good faith vote for a Republican. Hopefully this will be a message to true conservatives that they have lost track of their core principals. Perhaps if they themselves make a "change", the nation would benefit.

At the end of the day, I do not think anyone understands what "change" really is. When Obama (hopefully) comes to office, what will be different? What can he change? The U.S. will still have more or less the same Congress. The economy will still be in turmoil. There will still be civil unrest in Iraq. It's quite convenient to point all blame at a (terrible) president and even even easier to think a new (charismatic) president can fix it all. The president is quite limited by himself. Citizens need to realize that a government is so much more than just a single leader.

When people vote this November, I hope they realize that the choice which will have the least direct impact on people will be for president. The choices for state representatives, mayors, proposals and even city council will hold so much more relevance. This is not to say that the president is not important, but rather that change depend on all aspects of the government working together. People need to hold all "public leaders" responsible.

A vote for Obama may be the first step towards the changes the United States so desperately needs. But The Change We Need will ultimately have to come from the entire government and most importantly: the people for whom they represent. Do your part.

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  • mahesh on September 27, 2008 ~ 02:14 PM

    you have seen the light.. :)


  • thug chigga on October 12, 2008 ~ 10:22 PM

    by not votin'. why?

    rational ignorance…