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Thanksgiving 2004

Okay, I thought I was tired before this holiday. Lots of reflections: When you have a crazy rambunctious 9 yr old, bring lots of rope and duct tape. If someone asks "beer bottle or beer mug?", pick the former. If you feel like you got a cold coming on, don't hug babies who will sneeze and drool all over you. Don't try to take self pictures with digital cameras. If you're half mexican and half indian, and you can neither speak "mexican" nor "indian", then what are you? (Uneducated is not an option) And finally, as hard as you may think you worked, there was probably someone who worked harder. ... A little bit of consideration goes a long way.

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  • Mike on December 1, 2004 ~ 06:06 AM

    more “illiterate” dan ya should be…