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Story of My Life

Let's see. I need to get from here to there.

Well I'm pretty sure I need to go. But I really don't know how to get there. It's pretty far from here. I guess I could use a map. Perhaps? Yeah, that would help. Well the map ... the maps seems to be a bit old. Not sure if I'm making an informed decision to travel that distance based on outdated information. Well it appears as though the route to get there involves some travel on unfamiliar roads. Look at that, it requires the freeway. Hmmm, freeway always has plenty of issues. There might be lots of traffic ... for all I know there could be construction ... or worse I might have to go through some less-than-friendly neighborhoods. Better check the tires, don't want to get a flat. While I'm at, should also check the oil and transmission. Driving with a full tank is also safer. It could rain or worse it could snow, should err on the side of caution. Right? Probably a good idea to give myself some extra time so I don't feel rushed. But that means getting out a little earlier. That can be rather inconvenient. But coming home could be just as bad, better try to return while its still bright outside. Don't want to be on the road with drunk drivers. Looks good, nothing to worry about, I think I should get there just fine.

Hmmm, well it is a bit far and I guess I really didn't have to go. Probably shouldn't bother. Probably better to stay home.

Yeah, sounds like the right decision.

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  • thugchigga on July 24, 2007 ~ 09:21 PM

    was u were referrin' ta goin' back to ur village. but den u said u were worried bout snow. so i scratched dat idea…

  • nisha on July 30, 2007 ~ 10:10 AM

    Just when I thought you couldn't get any more vague, ambiguous, obscure etc etc than you already are…or perhaps try hard to be… ;-D

  • greengreenie on December 11, 2007 ~ 08:20 PM

    Wherever you go, there you are.