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Starting the New Year the Wrong Way

Just days before the new year, I came down with some bad sinus headaches. As much as I looked for a cause (lack of sleep, computer, alcohol, etc.), I could find nothing. So I tried my best to avoid any unnecessary medicine but only a day into the new year, most of that pain had shifted to my right ear. I took some aspirin, hoping to be okay for work the next day, and slept.

On the morning of the 2nd, ready to go back to work, I turned on the radio to check the weather and traffic. For whatever reason, the radio sounded like it had bad reception as I could hear an echo in the broadcast. I ignored it to eat my breakfast. Moments later someone else asked me how I was feeling and they're voice caused an echo as well. ... Great! After a flu shot and almost 2 weeks of perfect holidays, I figured I had an ear infection. A trip to the doctor later confirmed it. So I was given a perscription for anti-biotics and vicodin for the pain. I filled it and tried to get some rest. Ear-aches really really suck by the way.

Funny thing about that vicodin. I know its a pain-killer and that in can make you drowsy, which upon the first few times it did happen. So I thought I would take it at night to ease the pain and let me sleep. The first night I took it, I had some weird dreams. Not to sound like a dead-head or anything, but I was hoping for a repeat the next few nights, but nothing happened.

The anti-biotic on the other hand, was just too week and now after the dosage is almost over I feel only minimal improvement. Most of the sinus pressure at my eyes and ears has resided, but I still have a 24 hour ringing and pain in my ear and on a quiet night I can hear the pulsing of my heart (either that or its my brain, but brain pulsing sounds a little gross).

So now a second trip to the doctor has provided me with a much stronger anti-biotic. And I'm pretty sure that will fix my banging ear, but I am left a little upset. Why didn't I get the stronger stuff on the first visit? The doctor renders his prognosis rather quickly with minimal investigation. Was he correct? And what about costs? Primary care visit co-pays can be between $20-$30 per visit (if you have insurance). And to add, I really don't feel happy knowing that I was taking unnecessary drugs for the past week. And I'm disappointed I didn't have any more cool dreams with the pain-killer.

Ah well, in the end, money is trivial when it comes to your health. From now on I will be more careful when sticking foreign objects in my ear.

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  • thugchigga on January 12, 2007 ~ 11:23 PM

    when u aint got no $. money aint trivial. tho i kno wat i meant. i'm just givin' u a hard time! ;-)

  • Edson Donizete do Amaral on January 18, 2007 ~ 08:08 AM

    I had sinusitis since 15 years ago. I take anti-biotics to get out the infection. After all I used a simple recipe for not have it back. I use a glass of tepid (little hot) water with half teaspoon of salt an wash my noose. I make the water pass through noose. I've allergic rhinitis too. So this recipe I always use when I begin to sneeze. It is not so easy to do in the beginning but it makes me feel good and with no infection again. Bye.