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Spammers Can't Count

Checking Yahoo Mail I find this. Idiot spammers think that idiot internet users will fall for their gimmick if their message looks legitimate. Isn't it a bit obvious that messages repeating twice in your inbox fall into the questionable category?

Double Spams

This sender probably hit the send button twice. I didn't check to see if they originated from the same source. I deleted them immediately. I hope everyone realizes that any spam email you open may bring you more spam or worse infect your computer with virii. ... Spam is one of the few true frustrations of the internet. I wish that I could send a little jolt of energy back at the spammer so that everytime I got one of their offers, it would shock them. Small pulses of energy, I don't want them to die ... immediately. Mortgage? ZAP! Meet Hot Women? ZAP! Increase your manhood? DOUBLE ZAP!! Sadistic? Yeah, I know. I ain't that cruel, just being facetious.

3/18: ZAP some more! I just got the exact duplicate emails 3 times in my inbox since I posted this. I don't understand why the Spam filter doesn't catch this. And this time I checked the messages, some punk with a changing IP Each message with a different paragraph. You know someone has to spend their time writing this stuff. Just crazy.

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  • Mike on March 18, 2004 ~ 02:02 AM

    where do pop-up ads fall in ur hiearchy of “most annoying things of da net?” or maybe u dont care bout dem cuz u (most everyone else too) have pop-up ad blockers. wat if we din have ‘em? dat would be hell…

  • Mauriat Miranda on March 18, 2004 ~ 08:08 AM

    I’m guessing here, but I think more people use email than surf the web. And second, its hard to avoid spam (especially with free webmail accounts), but pop-up ads can be avoidable. However just like the Borg - they adapt. The new variations are pop-under ads executed by brilliant scripting. I was reading the news on my PDA and I got one of those. Unbeleivable. And watch out for Blog message spamming and Cell phone message spamming and the most hideous of all - spyware and adware.