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Some Long Overdue Changes

I've finally made some serious changes to my website management. Although it may look the same, virtually everything underneath has been rewritten. I don't want to list the complete set of changes but the following things were of the most importance.

  • I've eliminated the user authentication required to post and moved to a moderated system.
  • I've decided to show my categories lists. Previously I used them only for my own personal tracking.
  • I've added RSS2 feeds to posts, comments and categories.
  • I've added a cookie to only track your names for login.
  • Moved entirely to a mod_rewrite based navigation.

There must be a few dozen bugs or quirks I have yet to fix, so for the next few days or weeks, I don't know if there will be any disasters. I'll be parsing my 404 messages for a month or so at least.

Open wide the doors to spam, random posts, and hopefully a nicer experience at this site.

Edit: (10/4) I had some comments being swallowed up due to errors with the database. Should be fixed now.

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