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Soccer Philosophy


"Sometimes I see girls on the soccer team who won't even attempt to go for the ball. They stand and watch it go into the net thinking that there's no way they could save it. I've always said that no matter how impossible the shot is or how unlikely it is you could prevent it from going in, you should always go for it. I mean there have been times that I've personally gone for the ball and I thought there was nooo way in the world I could make it or save it and somehow I did. They just need to understand that its better going for it and seeing what might happen, than to have never have attempted it at all. I mean what's the point in playing?"

I had the oppertunity to play with this person in volleyball on the same team, and I was keeping his philosophy in mind, and I thought I did well. However when I was playing right-forward, the ball went so far out there, way past me, and my mind somehow didn't react. And I can still see it in my mind hitting the grass and when I turned back to the team, I heard him say to me "that's okay, you could have gone for it though".

What a simple yet brilliant philosophy for life. But sometimes philosophy in practice is much easier said, than done.

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  • merrick miranda on October 4, 2004 ~ 09:21 PM

    ha the story of my life…

    and you misspelled opportunity.