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Sensory Compensation

Sounds like something out of Star Trek, no? Since I was in elementary school I would always find it irritating when someone told me that they could not study without some sort of "noise" (music or whatever). That never sat right with me.

I was reading Parade Magazine this morning and looked upon "Ask Marilyn". Someone wrote in:

I have fairly bad eyesight. But why is it that when I remove my glasses, I can't hear people as well?

You’re straining to see clearly, so your senses are competing for attention more than when you wear glasses. This is why people often close their eyes when trying hard to to hear something. It’s also why listening to music isn’t conducive to studying.

I can never get myself to disagree with Marilyn vos Savant's logic or analysis. Usually my brothers agree. ... So you people, you know who you are *cough*merrick*cough*, quit loading your MP3's or CD's when you're about to study. You might just possibly be more productive.

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  • Mike on February 21, 2005 ~ 08:20 PM

    surely u must believe dat some peepo study better w/ music playing. i do agree tho dat most, “untrained” peeps do better in a quieter environment…

  • Mauriat Miranda on February 21, 2005 ~ 08:20 PM

    I entertained that notion for a moment, but I kept wondering how to assess whether or not such people can perform yet better. I agree music may make studying “nicer” but “better” is a tough sell.

  • merrick miranda on February 21, 2005 ~ 09:21 PM

    you punk! how you gonna call a brother out? that aint right!! :P

  • Mike on February 24, 2005 ~ 07:07 AM

    u & i r implyin' 2 diff things. so w/ dat in mind, i can accept ur position, given certain stipulations…

  • on March 4, 2005 ~ 12:12 PM

    By listening to music while I study I am actually studying two things at once. Not only do I gain the multi-tasking advantage but later when I hear the music it helps me remember the text I was studying and vice versa. Considering the rate at which exams are coming these days I appreciate any and all study aids.

    Of course if someone’s just put the tunes on to procrastinate (or disturb a neighbour) then none of this would apply. I would never do that.

  • Donita on July 22, 2009 ~ 07:19 PM

    Hey Guys,

    If the person's mindset is just " he can study better, when there is music around, "Yes" he can study… but its all about mindset..

    When I was doing my project in my masters, I culd nt think of the idea , I was really tired for three days thinking of it, and later I grabbed a beer just to relax and believe me soon after beer went in, with the kick I could think of many things and I finished ma project in 4 hours and submitted finally !!!!

    So I do agree with this partially !!