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Second Guessing

Yesterday the brothers Miranda and Shannon (representin the Illinois Miranda's) all played a game of Trivial Pursuit Genus V. I won, as was predicted, but along the way there were many instances where I came up with very good guesses (correct answers) and second guessed incorrectly. Shannon said something interesting. He said I might be a genius if I didn't keep second guessing myself. Now I know I'm no where close to genius but it makes a lot of sense. Looking back at the past few years I really wonder how things might be different if I had gone with my instinct and feelings instead of overthinking and overanalyzing. Come the new year, it gives me some food for thought.

More food .. err drink for thought: Vanilla Pepsi is horrible compared to Vanilla Coke. Laddu is the best kuswar - no debates please. And Canada Dry+Brandy is normally better than 7Up+Gin which is normally better than Coke+Rum - BUT the Canada Dry was flat. :-P ... It was a good holiday.


  • Shannon on January 5, 2004 ~ 02:02 AM

    remember, I said might.

    We all know I let you win. :-)

  • Mike on January 5, 2004 ~ 10:22 PM

    a keen sense of instinct, or intuition is not fabricated out of thin air…