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Revenge of the Spammed!

About 2 days ago, I started to receive spam for mortgage refinancing. The thing that made it stick out was that it was sent to me with my dad's name and the actual correct address. I know it is not too complicated to do, but I was shocked at how it connected the name to the email address. After 3 or 4 hours of watching it come in nonstop, I researched the source and contacted the registrar ( for that address. I said I was getting spam and I wanted the matter to be looked into. I gave the typical empty threat of possible federal action. Of course by the end of the day the spam was coming from

So I followed through the whois database search and saw a bunch of possible bogus email addresses, but I found the name: "Payperaction", out of Austin, TX. A google search showed some interesting information. Apparently there is a 22 yr old UofT student (Ryan Pitylak) who was sending spam exactly same as my situation. And I'm not the only one annoyed with this guy. Apparently this guy was one of the worst spammers out there.

So I was sitting there yesterday thinking how could I get back at this guy? I first fired off an angry email telling him that there should be some unsubscribe option (fake as it maybe) on his emails or the sites they link to. And then I thought I would cost him his bandwidth by running wget to archive one of his sites a few million times. Then I thought that wouldn't make a big difference. Then I decided that I would gather more info about him and submit it to some geek website like Slashdot, where some people have the guts to really get back at spammers like this.

Ahhh, but no need. This morning I read Slashdot and that Texas Attorney General is going after this student spammer.

In the last six months, the AG's (Att. General) office said undercover accounts received 24,000 illegal e-mails from Ryan Samuel Pitylak.

Local resident Dewey Coffman received one too many spam e-mails and finally did something about it.

He archived and forwarded spam messages over to the AG’s Office.

I don't care that this guy was only 22, or that he was still in school, or that he used to live in Ann Arbor. I'm just glad that I only wasted my time typing this entry instead of doing all that work to get my revenge. :-)

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