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Picking Sides on the Job

When I look back at my days working for a Fortune 500 (actually 10) company, I learned that often business can be just personal - the people, not the principles. A well informed employee sometimes needs to determine with which "side" they need to align in order to get their job done. As an engineer, it was not uncommon that neither side really wanted to do the right thing. They were just taking positions.

A previous manager of mine came to rely on my opinion on some technical matters. Of course this wouldn't preclude me from commenting on non-technical matters. Whenever I wound up sitting by her in a large meeting or conference hall, I would be quick to provide advice on the potential impending situation. I tried to determine that if a battle broke out between the different sections of the hall, which side we should join in order to be victorious. Also where best to hide if a big robot tore off the roof and started snatching people up. And equally as important: which co-workers would last longer against zombie bites before becoming zombies themselves. ... She never out-right admitted it, but I know she appreciated the anticipatory brilliance of my non-trivial suppositions.

This is just another example of how no previous co-worker, team or business unit has ever regretted having me on their side.

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  • mimi on July 15, 2011 ~ 05:17 PM

    I love your blog, I can tell you are very clever and that is awesome. I see you like the tongue in cheek humor. Haha. It is a good way to deal with some of the “challenges” in team work. I wish I was on your team!!!!