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I've been overloaded with physical work for the past 3 weeks or so. This weekend wasn't much better, I'm not saying it was all bad, but there is only so much stress the body can take. Work's been busy too. On the tech side, I've been devoting a lot of time to my Resource pages, I've noticed a 100% spike in traffic for the last week. Which really brings me to my issue (just one?). If you start "profiting" from your hobby, does it still qualify as a hobby? Then of course, it would be a dream to be being paid for doing something you love.

Well that's my (pathetic) reason for why my blog's been so dry lately. I plan to be opining once again about all that is not well according to MJM. Stay tuned.

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  • merrick miranda on June 19, 2005 ~ 05:17 PM

    i cant wait!!! yay!!

    pfffttt. HAHA.