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Not Yet Spring

The last few weeks have been anything but rewarding. I've been having my usual up's and down's. More down's really. Easter in Chicago was pretty nice, way cold. A2 not much better - I saw snowflakes this tuesday! ... Getting ready everything for the big trip. With the size of us, it's like we're invading or something. "Pack up the pani puri troops!". ... Well yesterday the brothers 3 flipped the frisbee around the cul-de-sac - cursed wind. Man, those guys can't throw - catching no probs, but the wrist, c'mon! It was a long overdue diversion. And then, for a moment, it felt like spring was finally here.

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  • merrick miranda on May 2, 2004 ~ 02:14 PM

    i think that time you tripped on that worm and jumped into the door made you delusional. you cant throw or catch! so sorry!! :P

  • Mike on May 6, 2004 ~ 03:03 AM

    brought snow dis yr. it was only a lite flurry, dat lasted less than 1/2 hr in my estimation. but dats MI weather for u. i cant wait til i’m out dis bitch!

  • Mauriat Miranda on May 6, 2004 ~ 09:09 AM

    Tell me about it. I’m preparing for the heat shock. Also have to get into the “centigrade” mindset.