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New Styles Old Styles

I wore a new shirt to work today. Purple isn't a color I normally wear, but I received enough compliments for me to change that. But there have been times I wore something questionable and I received rather unfavorable response.

It was the early-to-mid 80's and times were a bit difficult adjusting to this new country. Someone had passed off some hideous jacket to my mother, and one morning while helping me get dressed for school she insisted I wear it. Now I'm being objective here. It was obviously a reject from the 70's. Some of those rags from those times should have been burned in 1979 itself, but NOOOO, some got through. It was this over coat/sports coat that fit snuggly (as opposed to a little loose) and it had light brown, orange, and light bluish stipes all over it. I think it had that zig-zag pattern that looked like 1-legged dancers holding hands in unison. Anyways, I wore it reluctantly and made it to the school bus.

Being in a private school, the bus pretty much carried everyone from kindergarten to junior high. There were two 7th or 8th graders, who immediately approached me. They were always clownish, but not even for one moment did I think it had to do with my attire. They said I had the absolute coolest jacket they ever saw. They said they wanted to get some just like it and they congratulated me for looking slick. After laughing at eachother a little, and giving me a pat on the back they walked off.

I was happy all day. I realized I was wrong for disliking the jacket. I felt good that day. Really good.

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