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My New Site Design

I had not put any real work in over 3 years. I knew a lot of things needed some cleanup, but it wasn't until I bought a new monitor that I realized how ugly everything looked. I started the styling from scratch. I know the "blue" has got to go, but I didn't have time to pick a new color scheme.

I was going to cave in and switch to WordPress for blogging but I had been working on a new back-end for over a year now and I didn't want to throw that away. I'm now running on CodeIgniter which I am incredibly happy with. I'm finding adding functionality much easier now. And I personally find my site incredibly faster than before (or maybe that's me). I gave up way too much sleep over the last few weeks for this!

I know there is a big push for web standards now, so you'll notice a much nicer experience in Google Chrome 4, Firefox 3.6 or Internet Explorer 8 ... or anything newer than those. I used some cool CSS3 effects.

There is a significant amount of quirks yet to be resolved but I really wanted to go live so I can really test things out. Right now my contact still accepts spam :( ... and my landing home page is incredibly bland. The category and archive views either are broken or don't exist yet.

Majority of my URL's have been remapped which should re-direct but I am guessing there will still be plenty of 404 page not found errors. So if you see some please let me know. Also my primary blog feed now exists at the following url:
If you are using a Reader it should automatically redirect, but resubscribing is recommended.

It will be 7 years at the end of this month, I still suck major at blogging, but that's the fun of it.

Thanks for reading.

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