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My First Pistons Game

And the Detroit Pistons defeat the San Antonio Spurs in a somewhat uneventful home match today afternoon. And the only reason I care about this game is because ... I was there. So my brother secured some tickets for today's game and ignoring the complexities of whom the tickets were intended, I ended up going with him (thank you my dear slacker). We had a good time. It was my first time at the Palace and first time at an NBA ball game. Never thought I'd yell that much or get such a kick out of watching crazy people cheer for their team. My mom thought she saw us on TV, twice! Not sure if she did, but I'm happy she looked :) ... A thanks out to Tai for the directions - sorry we couldn't do something after. Anyways, I'm looking forward to coming back to the palace eventually. And I'm looking forward to telling my co-workers that I actually attended a ball game! :-P

Look at me, I sound like such a kid.


  • Mike on March 22, 2005 ~ 07:19 PM

    but i’d prefer to watch a basketball game in da comfort of my own home. esp. if i had HDTV…

  • Mauriat Miranda on March 23, 2005 ~ 07:19 PM

    I agree, but I didn’t go to merely watch. I wanted the whole experience.