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Mental Relief

This morning my feeble mind underwent a tortuous test of its superficial capaciity. Thankfully it passed. But yes the GRE was not fun in any way. The only satisfaction I have is that I've completed it and I'm in a halcyon mood. Of course this experience reinforces my irreverent view of standardized testing for application procedures. I can't grasp why I must be able to define words like: perfunctory, impecunious and quotidian in order to obtain a degree in engineering. ... Oh well $115 for the test + $20 for a practice book does hit the wallet, but I've become a bit more inured lately. Furthermore I don't want to sound too polemical with too many platitudes. I guess now I can partake in a paean to my sedulous reviewing. In case you're curious my nascent vocabulary is entirely extemporaneous and I'm sure it will evanesce before it becomes pervasive. Why? Because I have no predilection to being laconic. Small words rule! Shoooot, I'm not even sure if any of that makes any sense. :-)


  • merrick miranda on October 16, 2003 ~ 09:21 PM

    man i was bout to be like good job!, but then i read these wacky palabras, thats spanish mr big brain, and i decided to go downstairs and smack you up side the head! next time ill be like what you talkin bout willis?!?!