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Memories of Calculus

I was doing some after Christmas shopping today and I ran into my high school Calculus teacher. He just called out at me "What's your name? Don't I know you?". I walked past him a few times in the shirts section and didn't notice but a good look at his face and I knew exactly who he was. He seemed happy enough to see me even though he didn't remember my name. It's been over 8 years, and I'm surprised he even noticed. He asked about my brothers and sister and lastly about me. He seemed to note things by that particular year's good students (namely the genius's and overacheivers). I know I was a good student, but not perfect. I learned every topic without incidence (except radial integration, curse you theta!!!). I only had to tell him the name of one arrogant indian guy (not me) and it all came back to him. I remembered his class very well, and even though he as a teacher did not have a profound influence on me as a person, he was a good teacher and somehow I know that he had some genuine faith in me (I got a 5 on the A.P. exam, so at least I was okay in his eyes).

When I told him about my younger brother's success and about my sister, he finally asked about me and told me "Looks like you're not doing too bad yourself!". I was still dressed from work, tidy and neat with all my new Christmas clothes, shoes and jacket. Yeah, I would say I looked okay, but probably not for the same reasons he thought. After I wished him well and said bye, I felt disappointed in myself. I regret I didn't ask him how everything was going for him and that I remembered his class and all his nuances and mannerisms with some fondness. I'm not sure why I should care, but then of course, I'm still a bit surprised he remembered me at all.

I wonder if teachers ever find out how far reaching their influence actually is?

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  • Mike on January 8, 2006 ~ 07:19 PM

    so dats makes u ok in his eyez? wat does dat say bout his value system?

  • Mauriat Miranda on January 9, 2006 ~ 09:21 PM

    It says a lot. I’ve come to accept a long time ago that educators primarily persue their own self interest, whether or not that influences their teaching ability seems to be irrelevant. I’m not justifying it or condoning it, rather just making a mere observation. In the end, he was very emphatic that everyone get a 5 – which reflects wonderfully on him. And for being his 10th year then with AP Calculus, it didn’t happen.

  • Mike on January 15, 2006 ~ 08:20 PM

    on things u can only influence, failure is bound ta happen…