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July Holiday Rant

I would be lying if I said that I didn't have any fun over the July 4rth holiday. I joined my family for a weekend stay at a retreat center by a lake near Waterford. Although I had some reservations on going, I guess I did enjoy myself.

While we were there, I thought about how inconvenient certain things were (note that we did have both electricity and running water). And I found it ironic that with years of "independence" that people had now become so dependent on luxuries (e.g. things like air conditioning). In my opinion americans are spoiled. Most take for granted many of the freedoms that they have and overlook the important things. I'm speaking generally of course. On July 4rth americans are supposed to "celebrate the ideals of freedom and opportunity that this nation holds dear". In reality, there need not be a special day for this. Everyday everyone should take a moment and realize what they have. Their freedom, their abilities and their life. Everything else is a luxury.

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  • Shannon on July 10, 2003 ~ 02:02 AM

    I found out that I had taken for granted my freedom to not inhale gnats. :-)

  • Mauriat Miranda on July 10, 2003 ~ 11:11 AM

    hahaha … yeah those gnats. Good fun though, I need to work on my volleyball spikeing (among other things). And for all of you scholars out there: Is there such word as “nuancing”?