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Japanese Food

Okay, no, I'm not learning Japanese, nor will I. After 6 weeks of a multitude of unrelated illnesses and a few rather disappointing weeks at work, I finally went out ... at night ... without medication ... I think. I had Japanese food for the first time, you know, the real deal with sushi and many other "looks better than they smell dishes". It was an interesting night of discovery.

I went downtown to the university campus looking for this place. I couldn't find parking at first, so I quickly called my brother who gave me some incorrect suggestions, but in the last minute he redeemed himself. Being out of school and now seeing so many roads, buildings and locations change was very unsettling. Man, do I ever feel old. old. old.

Dinner was okay in that I've never had a full meal with chop-sticks before. I've started many times only to end up with a fork or spoon. Too much food, not sure I like the raw fish bit. And what's with the raw cabbage? I'm disappointed my plankto (capto?, namko?, something...) didn't seem very Japanese-ish. My Chinese colleagues informed me that most Japanese restaurants are run by Chinese or Koreans and that the food isn't quite "authentic". Fancy that. Other than that, I also get the impression that the Chinese don't like the Japanese. Fancy that. Also, my buddy told me he worked with a former asian Playboy model while shooting a movie in L.A. Fancy that.

Anyways, it was good to get out. And just to make sure this post wasn't a complete waste of your time, here's a funny picture for you (sorry no Playboy models).

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  • thugchigga on February 27, 2007 ~ 07:07 AM

    is it ur new catch phrase or som'm? anyway, a few comments:

    "we azns all hate each other."

    dat runs a lot more so w/ our parent's generations, less so w/ our generation. regardin' chiggaz hatin' japs, iz primarly due to da nanjing massacre. which is pretty retarded cuz chiggaz should be hatin' da jap govt rather dan iz society. it'd be like middle easterns hatin' yo ass cuz u american, when dey should be hatin' Uncle Sam instead. & plus iz not like chiggaz neva did shit ta other peepo. i doubt der has exists any civilization dat ever reach a population of any significance in world history dat hasnt killed or raped. kinda silly ta argue over degree of brutality.

  • Mauriat Miranda on February 27, 2007 ~ 09:21 PM

    Umm, I was think "fancy that" meaning not really a big deal, as in implied irrelevance.

  • MJ on April 25, 2007 ~ 09:21 PM

    you can try some "authentic" chinese food.Then you will hava full uderstanding about chop-sticks